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  • Guest Blogger: Touchdown Tragedy
    Dear Readers, Today I am proud to feature my first guest blogger: Kealohi.  Kealohi is a very talented young woman whom I am honored to have as a student.  She is only in her first-year of high school and is already, I’m sure you’ll agree, a brilliant emerging writer.  I’d like to share with you a short … Read more
  • Post 1 of 2: A Real Reader’s Bill Of Rights
    I’ve got the best job in the world; I get paid to talk about books and maps and history and philosophy and yes, even grammar and punctuation. Now, lest you write me off as one of those jerks who claim to have found a way to “get paid doing what I love”, let me reveal … Read more
  • Hunting and Gathering
     This weekend I tackled a project that I’ve been putting off for a long time: cleaning out my craft supply closet.  “Craft supplies” is a term I’m using loosely here because in reality most of my alleged “supplies” are really just junk … Read more
  • Sea Sprite
      She’s running – leaping really – across the wet sand – sand so saturated that its surface shimmers like glass and stretches down the shoreline like an antique window pane,  wavy and inconstant, but beautiful nonetheless. She is skimming across its surface in a dance of sheer delight – eyes shining, lungs filling with … Read more
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving
    I was honored to be a part of my friend C.L.'s 50th birthday celebration this weekend.  I wanted to present her with something special to commemorate this milestone birthday, something that would express my admiration for her thoughtful mind and her love of reading.  I decided I would give C.L. her very own Book book.  What is … Read more