Sea Sprite


She’s running – leaping really – across the wet sand –

sand so saturated that its surface shimmers like glass and

stretches down the shoreline like an antique window pane,

 wavy and inconstant, but beautiful nonetheless.

She is skimming across its surface in a dance of sheer delight –

eyes shining,

lungs filling with the fresh, wet morning sea air and

emptying with puffs of pure pleasure.

She is all light and life and movement

and promise and childhood and joy and

in this moment I want to be Her –

in this moment, I am Her.

6 thoughts on “Sea Sprite

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  1. Your poem makes me see her Jensen in that moment you caught her on camera and saw her racing across the wet sand. What a moment to capture–and feel from the inside out. A treat to read to start my day!

    1. Thank you Ruth! When I saw this image from our trip to the coast I had to write about it. Try as I might, prose just couldn’t capture what I wanted to say. I’ve never written a poem before (high school assignments notwithstanding), but I think I might explore doing more of it. What fun!,

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