The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I was honored to be a part of my friend C.L.’s 50th birthday celebration this weekend.  I wanted to present her with something special to commemorate this milestone birthday, something that would express my admiration for her thoughtful mind and her love of reading.  I decided I would give C.L. her very own Book book.  What is a Book book?  It’s a book journal, of sorts.  I’ve kept one for years and plan on sharing parts of my Book book here in a later post.  For now, I wanted to share pics of this gift and a “recipe” for creating one of your own. 

Ingredient list:

  • 1 Hard cover 9×12 blank sketchbook with at least 70lb weight paper
  • 1 Fine point Sharpie pen – I prefer one that clicks rather than one with a cap
  • Plain Butcher or Craft paper – I used some from Ikea that comes on a large roll and is sold in the craft section of the Kid’s department
  • Cool Accent Paper – I used a placemat that had a map of Turkey on it.
  • Funky Ribbon

I wrapped the book in the craft paper first, then I made a sleeve out of the placemat and slipped that over the book.  I tied the pen on with the ribbon and voila: the perfect gift for any writer or bibliophile.

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