Good Girl Goes Bad

I did something naughty today.   To be honest, I am more than a little surprised at my brazenness.  I did it in the full morning sun… at 9 am… on a Tuesday, of all things.   Before I make my full confession, you should also know that as I was committing this act of delicious selfishness I, a) lied to my spouse about my whereabouts, b) committed a non-moving violation, AND c) ignored a phone call from my Mother. 

It all started with an 8am appointment at the BMW dealership.  I had to bring in my sedan for a minor repair and had budgeted a full 2 hours for the drudgery of dropping off the car, filling out paperwork and getting a ride to school via the dealer’s “Courtesy Shuttle”. Happily, it turned out to be a very quick fix and I found myself with an extra hour -and my car- all to myself.  I called Andy and told him that I was going to use the extra time to go to Lewis & Clark and catch up on some reading before class (see a, above). 

Instead, I drove as fast as I could to my favorite bookstore, Annie Bloom’s in Multnomah Village.  As I glided through the Terwilliger curves at the daredevil speed of 60mph, I calculated – to the minute – how much time I could linger among the dusty shelves.  I practically cheered when I spotted an empty parking spot (the only one on the entire street) right in front of the store.    Taking it as a sign that this mid-morning tryst was meant to be, I zipped into the open spot, smugly congratulating myself on finding such rock star parking.  I whisked into the store, not noticing the bright orange fire hydrant that my shiny black car was now blocking (see b, above). 

I spent almost a full hour browsing.  I walked up and down the aisles, looking over the staff recommendations, pawing through the stacks of clearance paperbacks while my eyes eagerly scanned the “New Arrivals” shelves, even pausing to scratch behind Molly’s ears (Molly is the bookstore’s resident cat).  My phone rang while I was skimming a memoir I’d found in the Humor/Essay section.  I glance at the caller id, which displayed “Mom Cell”.    I felt only a little wicked as I hit “ignore” and dropped the phone back into my purse.

Sigh.  It was pure heaven.

2 thoughts on “Good Girl Goes Bad

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    1. Yep – car was okay. I came out of the store right as the meter maid pulled up. She was very nice and let me go with a warning. I must have looked frazzled enough that she felt sorry for me. 🙂

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